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Ilene Dillon, The Emotional Pro, author of Emotions in Motion

When Arlene tells you, you can write a book to build your business, she’s not playing around. If you want to get more media interviews, more time on stage speaking, more one-on-one clients, or do more workshops, Arlene will help you write a book to do all of these things. I know this because it’s all happening for me now that Arlene has helped me write, edit, and publish my book. Be careful what you wish for because Arlene will help you make it come true. In my seventh decade of life I’m busier than ever and having the time of my life thanks to Arlene and my book!


Biggest Benefit 

Small group coaching costs less than one-on-one coaching,               but still provides close access and individualized attention to get your specific book written.

(One-on-one  coaching for 3 months = $7,997)


Coaching assignments with individual goal setting

Expert writing coach as an accountability partner

Two group coaching calls per month

1 one-on-one coaching calls during the mastermind program  

Focus is on book writing, but also gain access to answers to about different publishing options, pros, cons, and costs of each

Private Facebook group for networking and additional coaching 

Unlimited e-mail access to Arlene during program

And much, much more. 


1) Each person will get at least 1 one-on-one coaching calls during the mastermind program                                                                                          (Value = $297) 

2) Once this mastermind is completed: Lifetime membership access to the BWB Academy Facebook closed group for continued book writing networking and feedback. (Value = $397 per year)

3) Need more goal setting accountability, coaching, editing, or other support? Current client price reduction for additional service costs?                   (Value 10 to 20% on services.)

4) Client referral fee for making an email introduction to anyone you know who wants to write a book. I'll give them a free consultation call and when they hire me, you get a 15% finder's fee. (Value = Endless)

5) Once book is published expect an invitation for a potential interview on “Mindset Meets Mastery with Arlene Gale” worldwide audience                (Value = $497)

I loved working with Arlene! She really knows her stuff! To call her an expert is an understatement! She is so much more! Arlene made book writing easy and fun, she held me accountable to my goals, and focused on my direction. Arlene guided me through the outline, writing, editing, and getting the book to the publisher. Arlene helped me write my book to start a new direction in my professional career.
– Leah Dean, “Assemble the Tribe” expert

This is a small group! Space is limited!

Register NOW!

Full Pay Option

Usually $2,397

NOW $1,797 

(Save $600 off 3-Month Payment Plan Option)

BONUS: 3-Month Pay Option

Usually $897/Month

NOW $647 (Full Cost is $1,941)

After working with Arlene as part of a small group, she helped me organize my thoughts and book content for my third book. She guided me toward great insight and clarity like I haven't had before. I strongly recommend Arlene to help first time authors or those who have already written a book.  – Dr. Maria Church, Organizational Culture Expert

I wanted to learn what it takes to write and publish a book. I took Arlene’s program and she made sure everyone got what they needed to make progress. She is an expert in giving tangible action steps for creating a book marketing plan and showing how it ties into what goes into my book. She also presented the pros and cons of the different publishing options, and much more. Arlene made me believe I can write my book. – Mona Dixon

One does not meet Arlene, one experiences Arlene! “Overwhelming, impossible, I can’t, I don’t know how to do this,” were all self-limiting beliefs holding me back from writing my book. “Arlene the Amazing” coached me on how to break down the process into easy to understand and easy to follow steps. With Arlene’s guidance, my apprehension and procrastination for book writing were turned into confidence and an “I’ve got this!” Can do attitude! Thank you Arlene for sharing your talents and passion. – Glenn Milliet, Business Communication Expert

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